S.M.A.R.T. Site Management and Robust Toolbox

  • Who

    Who's behind BrainPlus?

    BeOriginal is a graphic design studio located in The bustling rural metropolis of Suwanee, GA. We started the company back in the early days of the personal computer. Can you believe they used to be black and white? Wow, that makes us sound old.

    Learn More at BeOriginal.com

  • What

    What's this Thing All About?

    BrainPlus is our in-house, handcrafted, homemade, easy to use, CMS for managing the custom sites we build for our clients. Focused on managing content for your site rather than everything like other CMS solutions out there, BrainPlus provides the necessary tools for making simple updates and edits to your site.

  • Why

    Why does it matter to you?

    Along with design, we excel in the technology neccessary to complete any technical project. Some of the tools and technologies we use and are proficient with include: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, XHTML, XML, CSS, CSS3, HTML5, AJAX, Wordpress, BrainPlus (our in-house developed CMS), etc.